Exploring VST3 Plugins: Installation Locations

A VST3 plugin is a type of software used in digital audio workstations (DAWs) to process audio or MIDI data. VST, which stands for Virtual Studio Technology, was created by Steinberg. Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH (trading as Steinberg) is a German musical software and hardware company based in Hamburg. VST3 is the third version of this standard, offering several improvements over […]

Substrate VST Plugin – Subharmonic Bass Booster

Substrate is an effect device to give your bass sounds the right “boost”. It will generate additional harmonics to the sound in the low end frequency range (sub-harmonics) based on a pre-set fundamental frequency from which it will generate the harmonics. These harmonics can be added and amplified by a “boost level” which results in a […]

Exploring LV2 Plugins: An Introduction to the Extensible Audio Plugin Standard

LV2 (LADSPA Version 2) is an extensible open standard for audio plugins and software synthesis. LV2 plugins are commonly used in audio production software and digital audio workstations (DAWs) to add various effects or instruments to audio tracks. They provide a standardized way for developers to create audio processing modules that can be easily integrated […]

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