Getting Started with JavaScript: Formatting Strings with the padStart() Method

The padStart() method is used to pad the beginning of a string with another string until the resulting string reaches a given length. This string method is particularly useful for formatting strings, such as adding leading zeros to numbers. Syntax targetLength is the length of the resulting string once the original string has been padded. […]

Getting Started With JavaScript: Understanding Closures

Closures are a fundamental concept in JavaScript (and other programming languages) that refer to a function’s ability to “remember” and access its lexical scope, even when that function is executed outside of its original scope. Closures allow functions to access variables from their containing (enclosing) function’s scope, creating a powerful way to manage and encapsulate […]

Getting Started With JavaScript: Naming Conventions

Naming conventions are guidelines or rules used to define the names of variables, functions, classes, and other identifiers in software development. Consistently following naming conventions makes code more readable, understandable, and maintainable across projects and teams. Different programming languages and communities often have their own specific naming conventions. Properties JavaScript supports properties with underscores (_prop), […]

Mastering JavaScript: Shuffled Arrays

A shuffled array is an array in which the elements have been randomly reordered. It means that the elements are no longer in their original order, but are arranged in a random sequence. Shuffling is useful in various contexts, such as games (e.g., shuffling a deck of cards), randomizing questions in a quiz, or any […]

Getting Started With JavaScript: Using setTimeout() with Arguments

setTimeout() is a function that allows you to execute a specified function or evaluate an expression after a specified number of milliseconds. In this article, you’ll discover four methods for passing parameters to setTimeout(). Using an anonymous function Wrap the function call in an anonymous function. An anonymous function is a function that is defined […]

JavaScript Troubleshooting

This JavaScript troubleshooting page is organized into individual articles, each dedicated to the topics of JavaScript Troubleshooting.

JavaScript Troubleshooting: Uncaught SyntaxError: Cannot Use Import Statement Outside a Module

The import and export statements in JavaScript are crucial for modularizing code, enabling developers to organize and structure their codebase into separate files or modules. This approach promotes code reusability, maintainability, and scalability in larger projects. With import and export, a developer can split the code into smaller, more manageable pieces, focusing on specific functionalities […]

JavaScript Free Online Course

Welcome to my JavaScript course, designed to provide a learning experience for developers at any level. The course is divided into two main sections. The first section, “Getting Started with JavaScript” is ideal for beginners, offering a solid foundation in JavaScript basics. If you are an experienced developer, the “Mastering JavaScript” section is for you, […]

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